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Career Development / Executive Coaching

We believe that providing career development in the form of training and coaching are vital to keep your competitive advantage. JD Farrell’s focus ranges from coaching this generation of leaders, nurturing and training a company’s brightest talent, to building effective teamwork and productive communications worldwide.

JD Farrell can help you conquer the most formidable business challenges through building the competencies of your most valuable asset – your people.

Comprehensive Career Development and Training Programs

Customized for each client serving all levels. JD Farrell can step in to train a single business unit or create a large-scale development strategy that simplifies muscle building- competencies, improving outcomes and delivering superior results in these critical areas:

  • Professional Sales Training
  • Executive Sales Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork and Communication Skills
  • World Class Customer Service Training

Post Hire Executive Coaching/ Mentoring

By providing post-hiring executive coaching for the first 90 days, we assure the investment pays off quickly. Our face-to-face executive coaching is a results-focused approach that relies on the primary building blocks of client strengths, setting realistic improvement goals and working closely with the client. This service has grown dramatically in recent years because it provides a powerful structure to help leaders focus on developing critical competencies, improving corporate out comes and delivering valuable results to the organization.

Customized Assessment Panels

Performance based Assessments and Executive Coaching will help you maximize the value of your people and training investment with the latest technology and the most flexible solutions for delivering and managing a comprehensive assessment Program- customized to meet your human assets development strategies. By partnering with our test expert technology team, Consulting Psychology Press (CPP), we offer a full and comprehensive panel of approved and confidential online career assessments that can be taken from the office or home with results delivered via email and face-to face executive coaching sessions, powerful technology connecting learners to expanding his/her meaningful contributions to your organization.

No matter what business challenge you face, partner with JD Farrell as part of your workforce development solution.

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